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China to win the bid 5 billion 970 million yuan PPP project

2020/04/12 00:27
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InOctober20th,ChinesebuilttheNanjingPukouDistrictToyokoRiverRoadConstructionPPPproject,atotalinvestmentof5billion970millionyuan,theconstructionperiodof3years,theoperationperiodof8years. Theprojectislo
In October 20th, Chinese built the Nanjing Pukou  District Toyoko River Road Construction PPP project, a total investment of 5 billion 970 million yuan, the construction period of 3 years, the operation period of 8 years.
The project is located in Nanjing City, Jiangbei District of city development axis, North West River Road, South Qiaolin Road, a total length of 13 km, is designed as a highway and city trunk road, built by China and designated by the government funded jointly set up item company, responsible for the investment, construction, operation, transfer and other work, the main construction contents include roads, bridges and related ancillary facilities.
Editor: Zhang Xi, Party committee work department
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