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Zhenshaohua to the north and south of Jamaica Highway Survey

2020/04/12 00:26
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October20th,deputygeneralmanagerofthegroup,theChinaConstructionoftheboardofsupervisorschairmanZhenShaohuatoJamaicanorthandSouthChinaHarbourExpresswayCo.,Ltd.investigationofhighwayoperations. Zhenshaoh
October 20th, deputy general manager of the group, the China Construction of the board of supervisors chairman Zhen Shaohua to Jamaica north and South China Harbour Expressway Co., Ltd. investigation of highway operations.
Zhenshaohua visited the North South Expressway Monitoring Center, to understand the operation of the whole monitoring system, and the current traffic flow, income and within the next few years the traffic and income expectations and other issues to the relevant person in charge of the north-south high-speed report. He is highly positive for the North South Expressway Management team achievements, and encouraged them to further fine management, lowering the efficiency, to enhance the China to build overseas brand influence and visibility to make a positive contribution.
Jamaica North South Expressway project is the first Chinese enterprises in the construction of the first BOT mode of transportation infrastructure projects, investment and construction by the Chinese harbour and has 50 years of franchise. The project completed in March 2016, a total length of 66 km, from the mountains of central Jamaica, connecting the north and south coast, by the local people known as the "most beautiful high speed".
Editor: Li Qun, Party committee work department
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