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China Construction and signing of the eastern coastal railway project in Malaysia

2020/04/12 00:26
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In November 1st, common witness Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister of Malaysia Naguib, China company chairman Liu Qitao and Malaysia railway construction interface (MRL), single Sri Ivan in Beijing Great Hall of the people signed on to the Malaysia east coastal railway project contract, the contract amount of about 46 billion ringgit, the project is to build the overseas Chinese sign the largest project to date is the largest economic and trade cooperation projects between China and malaysia.
The project for the electrified railway standard design, procurement and construction contract (EPC), is the east coast of Malaysia Economic Zone in the planning of major transportation infrastructure projects, will build the Malay Peninsula East-West railway transportation routes, and further improve the Malaysia comprehensive transportation system, to promote the economic development of the eastern region of Malaysia, has great significance for the development of the East balance.
The project is the company's practice of "The Belt and Road" initiative, the implementation of "a significant achievement in the five's" overseas landing, will become a symbol of friendship and a symbol of Penang second bridge after the project in malaysia. China built as one of the world's largest infrastructure construction company, in 2016 ranked 500 in the world 110th strong, ranked ENR global top 225 international contractors third, enjoys a high reputation in the international project contracting market, will further increase in economic exchanges between the two countries to implement the project.
Editor: Ren Mingzhao, Party committee work department
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