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China to win the bid 14 billion yuan Qingdao Metro phase two project PPP

2020/04/12 00:25
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In October 28th, Chinese built the Qingdao Island - Jiaonan intercity rail transit project two PPP project. Project is located in the west coast of Qingdao New District, the north and south ends of the next phase of the project, the line length of about 40 km, the operating period of 25 years, including the construction period of 4 years, with a total investment of about 14 billion yuan.
China Construction and Qingdao Metro Group, financial institutions, to explore innovative rail transportation PPP project cooperation in the two phase of the project". The development of the model to the establishment of a limited partnership fund and the direct combination of investment projects by the government on the construction of investors and non investors from purchasing construction. The commercial and financial model innovation, to further promote the transformation of the subway construction units and financial institutions, the construction units in the PPP model of role relationship, from the counterparty become partners, effectively play the advantage of all resources, risk sharing and benefit sharing.
The project is the company following the October 2014 bid in the first phase of the project, in the Qingdao rail transport construction market again force. In the construction of the first phase of construction is difficult, across the board to cross the marine geology, weak surrounding rock and other undesirable geological 88, as in the tofu dug tunnel". Chinese Academy of engineering, Wang Mengshu, said: "the construction of a project is difficult in the domestic situation is the most difficult." At present, the first phase of the project has been completed construction output value of 2 billion 750 million yuan, is expected to achieve the bridge through the middle of December, November 2016 to achieve hole through, for the two phase of the project to lay a good foundation for cooperation.
Editor: Zhang Xi, Party committee work department
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