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The company won the bid in Guangdong even the Buddha highway BOT+EPC project

2020/04/06 13:58
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Recently, with four flights with zhongzi group consisting of bid Guangdong city of Qingyuan province Lianzhou Fogang Expressway BOT+EPC project, the project total investment of about 23 billion 100 million yuan, the construction period is 4 years, the charge for a period of 25 years.
The project is from the junction of Guangdong province and Hunan province at the end of the city of Lianzhou, in the county of Fogang, connected with the Hong Kong and Macao expressway, a total length of about 208 km, the design speed of 100 km to 120 km. The project consists of 174 main line bridge, a total length of 52896 meters; 30 tunnels, total length of 22720 meters, the bridge and tunnel for route length ratio is about 36.4%. In addition, also includes 16 interchange and other ancillary facilities.
Even the Buddha highway project is an important channel of Beijing National Highway, after the completion of the project, Hunan will become economically more developed eastern regions of the North South Corridor south of the Pearl River Delta region.
Editor: Tian Tian, Party committee work department
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