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South West of Shenzhen, won the bid, the project is located in the sewage treatment plant.

2020/04/06 13:58
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Recently, southwest of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China won the bid to raise the project design project, design fee of 16 million 560 thousand yuan.
Luofang sewage treatment plant upgrade project is the first batch of Shenzhen city wastewater treatment plant mentioned standard transformation of engineering project, the static total investment of about 1 billion 60 million yuan, the main process using MBR membrane treatment process, the effluent can reach the standard of four kinds of surface water quality standard.
After the project completed, will solve the problem of water pollution in Shenzhen River Basin, to alleviate the increasingly serious contradiction between supply and demand of water, are effective measures to create a water-saving city, resources recycling economy, will produce a good ecological and social benefits.
Editor: Tian Tian, Party committee work department
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