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The way of cooperation in the Middle East and Europe

2020/04/06 13:57
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In December 23rd, Hungary plug Serbia railway modernization project launching ceremony held. As Chinese cooperation with Serbia, Hungary, the three party's flagship project, which marks the start of cooperation, Hungary, plug a new step, also shows that China built in cooperation with central and Eastern Europe after Serbia zemun - Bolza bridge project to speed up again.
In the "The Belt and Road" more than and 60 countries along the central and Eastern European countries, accounting for 1/4. The central and East European countries generally support the "The Belt and Road" initiative, willing to play is located in Eurasia with geographical advantages, actively participate in specific projects. Central and Eastern European countries will become China's "going out" of the important positions.
"First name card" across the river Danube
In Serbia, The Danube in Belgrade City, a modern bridge across the north and south, the first is to build Chinese name card to the European market "submitted" and "model project" - - both the Bolza bridge, the first bridge construction enterprises is Chinese in europe.
The bridge connecting the South Bank of the The Danube industrial area and residential area on the north shore, the bridge 1482 meters long, the main span of 172 meters, a total investment of 170 million euros, owned by China built China Luqiao responsible for the design and construction of two air Bureau Public Planning Institute, undertake the related tasks. By the end of 2014, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out at the completion ceremony of the bridge, the bridge is the bridge of friendship and cooperation, the two peoples and builders of the common efforts to bear fruit.
For this "friendship rainbow", Luqiao, China has been working hard for seven years. China Luqiao in 2009 to enter the Serbia market, which lasted nearly two years of negotiations, in April 15, 2010 the Serbia government signed the zemun - Bolza bridge project contract. In October 2015, the bridge was opened to traffic. In seven years, as a member of the central enterprises, China Luqiao witnessed the growth China - Middle East European cooperation grow and bear fruit, become the vanguard of pragmatic cooperation between the two sides, the inheritance of friendship.
In the highly developed and fully competitive market in the European market to carry out the business needs of "hard power" and "soft power"". In addition to relying on excellent technology and construction management level, to solve the problem of employment is an important issue for the residents of the local government, and thus become a major task of cultural construction and territorial management. In order to ensure the employment of local residents, zemun - Bolza bridge and auxiliary connecting line project department has a staff of 233 people, China Serbia staff of 718 people, nearly 47% of the construction project is completed by the Luqiao China cooperation with local companies.
At the same time, in order to make the plug employees better communication, provide a solid talent guarantee for the smooth progress of the project, the project department regularly organized basketball, outdoor barbecues and other forms of entertainment and friendship events, for Chinese and foreign staff to communicate in their spare time feeling. Every major holiday in Serbia, Ji plug staff will warmly invite Chinese colleagues home, taste the local delicacy, feel their ethnic festivals and customs, in the distance the staff quickly close the plug.
Seyden girl Ivana is the project Department of the Serbian language translation, she said: "in Luqiao Chinese work not only improves my Chinese ability, but also taught me a lot of interesting engineering knowledge. More importantly, there is a culture of the spirit of not afraid of difficulties, let me feel every day is very powerful, and every day in the progress of."
"Historic project" extends friendship between the two countries
In Montenegro, there is a highway news occupy the front page of the newspaper almost every day, it can be described as a national concern. This is the black mountain north and south highway, is also the first highway in montenegro.
By China built as contractors, contractors as Chinese Luqiao Montenegro North South Expressway Smokey Matt watts Saiwo is 41 kilometers long, the contract amount of 810 million euros, is the North South Expressway and the construction technology is the largest section, bridge and tunnel to reach more than 60%, the construction period of 4 years. It became the Serbia - zemun Bolza bridge project after another successful model Chinese - cooperation in central and Eastern European countries.
In December 14, 2014, Premier Mino Djukanovic said at the launching ceremony of the project, the black mountain north and South Expressway is the most important development project in the history of montenegro. Its completion is not only significant to the economic development of Montenegro, but also greatly enhance the road traffic safety of montenegro.
This "historic project" has been highly valued by both the Chinese and the black, but the builders will not forget the hardships that come along the way.
Face a new market environment, China Luqiao Montenegro branch in the early days, they began to sort out the relationship, and strive to promote the progress of the project. Heishan complex social relations, all sectors are closely linked, often rangingand project to promote the process by the multi constrained.
In order to design approval as an example, at the beginning of the project had filed a simple geological prospecting design outline, 3 months before the approval by the owner, but it is during the 4 times by the requirement of substantial changes, lead to the implementation of geological prospecting work than China plans to postpone 3 months. In view of this situation, the black mountain branch to adjust the working strategy, targeted to take appropriate measures to adjust the management mode of the project department, so that the project to promote the opening of a new situation.
At the same time, Montenegro branch vigorously strengthen the localization of the building. Employment of Montenegro and the surrounding countries accounted for 58% of the total number of employees, of which more than 1 / 3 of the foreign staff for the middle and senior management. Facts prove that foreign workers familiar with the local practice, familiar with the local social resources, to promote the progress of the project
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