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2020/04/06 13:56
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Hong Kong and Macao bridge main project ushered in a new breakthrough in the construction. At present, the main bridge project in the last procedure joints are installed, this means that the total length of 22.9 km of the main bridge deck is completed, then entered the stage of bridge deck pavement engineering. Bridge authority responsible person revealed that the total bridge deck pavement area of 700 thousand square meters, equivalent to 98 standard football field, the amount of the world's most. In addition, its waterproof, rust, corrosion and other standards to achieve the design life of 120 years, is expected to be completed by the end of next year.
As the world's longest cross sea bridge, the Hong Kong Macao bridge span 55 km, from the cross sea bridge, the sea of artificial islands and submarine tunnel. The bridge is 22.9 km long, in addition to the Qingzhou channel bridge, Jianghai direct ship channel bridge, Jiuzhou channel bridge three Navigable Bridge, 15 km deep water area with 110 meters span continuous steel box girder bridge, the shallow water area of about 5.4 km by 85 meters of steel concrete composite continuous beam bridge.
Bridge Management Bureau official said, after the closure, the main bridge bridge cable installation project completed, the bridge is installed "joints", a "maximum expansion joint installation in Qingzhou Waterway Bridge connecting both ends on the 22 day, more than 1000 meters long section of the steel bridge deck two. Total bridge "expansion joint" a total of 79, each installation error can not be more than 1 mm.
"The" expansion joints "life is susceptible to fatigue load, temperature, brake and other effects, the durability of the bridge is also related to the design life of 120 years." Bridge construction experts pointed out that the installation of expansion joints to cover the history of the lowest to the highest temperature, to master its length, accuracy, in order to achieve accurate alignment. It is reported that the current global "expansion" life lies between 30 to 50 years, mean in the HZMB 120 year period, to continue after two to three times change, the deck will not pass through replacement, replace each "expansion" takes one to two days.
Waterproof anti-corrosion high gauge
In the "expansion joint" installation is completed, the main bridge of the bridge will be through, will be fully carried out on the bridge deck pavement. Bridge authority responsible person revealed that the total floor area of 700 thousand square meters, the largest single project in the world today, the largest paving operations. The bridge across the Lingdingyang sea, often in high temperature and high humidity and high salt environment, compared with the ordinary bridge, waterproof, rust proof, anti-corrosion treatment processes more fine.
According to the design requirements, the service life of the asphalt concrete pavement is 15 years, which is equivalent to 3 times the service life of the ordinary highway pavement. After the four layer pavement waterproof adhesive layer is completed, then to two layers of asphalt concrete. The asphalt concrete pouring into 7 cm layer and surface layer of two layers, wherein, the pouring type asphalt 3 cm is a natural lake asphalt imported from abroad, plays an irreplaceable role. At present, the bridge deck pavement test section of the first bridge has been successfully completed, is expected to be completed by the end of next year to complete the completion of the completion of the tunnel, and the conditions for the opening of the seabed tunnel.
Three section of the Hong Kong and Macao Bridge will be opened to traffic
Hu Zucai, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said in August 23rd, the three section of the Hong Kong and Macao Bridge will be completed and opened to traffic. For HZMB progress, Hu Zucai said, because the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is a world-class engineering project, high technical difficulty, in addition to material section of Hongkong, Zhuhai and Macao may also delay, experts are evaluating the progress of the project, but overall progress is still smooth.
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