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China to win the bid 5 billion 970 million yuan PPP project
Zhenshaohua to the north and south of Jamaica Highway Survey
China Construction and signing of the eastern coastal railway project in Malaysia
China joint venture consortium won the bid in the Southern Railway Project in Malaysia
China to win the bid 14 billion yuan Qingdao Metro phase two project PPP
Business contract for Serbian section of Hungary-Serbia Railway is signed by CCCC consortium, Li Keqiang, Central and Eastern European leaders witness contract signing
South & north horizontal lines project in Changsha is won by CCCC consortium
PPP project with investment of 6,000 million yuan in Huaian, Jiangsu is won by CCCC
Design project of Venice Offshore Port, Italy is won by CCCC consortium
Rail transit PPP project in Urumqi with total investment of 16,800 million yuan is won by CCCC
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